California Penal Code Section 594 criminalizes vandalism.  If the amount of damage you are accused of having caused is less than $400, you will be charged with misdemeanor vandalism; if it is above that amount, however, you are facing a felony charge.

Vandalism is prosecuted aggressively because of it’s destructive and disruptive quality.  If the vandalism appears to reflect the work of a gang or promotes the identity of a gang or tag crew, you can expect for the prosecutor to allege that it was done for the benefit of a gang.  This can add years of additional imprisonment to your sentence if you are convicted.  Gang-related crimes are looked upon with great contempt by prosecutors.

For these reasons, vandalism is not something to take lightly and it is not recommended that you represent yourself in something as serious.  You require the services of an aggressive, experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer.

There is a host of issues we can evaluate based on our analysis of the police reports, witness statements and other evidence on file. Based on our findings, we may be able to successfully thwart a criminal prosecution in court, or otherwise weaken the case against you.

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