Driving with a Suspended License

Driving with a Revoked or Suspended License

In California, it is against the law to drive with a revoked or suspended license and you had knowledge of the suspension or revocation. The prosecutor can prove “knowledge” merely by showing that the DMV sent you mailed notification of the revocation or suspension.

Driving with a suspended or revoked license is not a trivial matter. It can have devastating consequences, including jail time, significant fines, and a stain on your driving and criminal records. It can also lead to you being classified as a “habitual driving offender,” which can lead to the revocation of your driving privilege in California. If you were on probation at the time you were caught driving with a suspended license, which is so often the case after a DUI conviction, the prosecutor can file a “Probation Violation” case against you which may result in your revocation of probation and in your imprisonment.

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