First-Degree Murder Defenses for California Cases

Without a doubt, it is the job of Torrance criminal defense lawyers to act as advocates for your case. As such, it is important to work with criminal defense attorneys who are both knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to properly defending you.

Some of the first-degree murder defenses that can be utilized by a California-based criminal defense lawyer include:

#1 – Mistaken Identity Argument

In some first-degree murder cases, a “mistaken identity” defense can be utilized. The criminal defense attorney would argue that the wrong individual was charged for the murder. To prove that the wrong person was in fact charged, the defense lawyer can offer an alibi. In addition – or if an alibi is not available – the attorney also can provide evidence that proves that the defendant was somewhere else at the time of the killing, that another person killed the individual, that eyewitness testimony is flawed, that forensic evidence is flawed in some manner, etc.

#2 – Self-Defense Argument

In other first-degree murder cases, a self-defense argument can be utilized by the criminal defense lawyer. However, in order to prove a self-defense argument, the defense lawyer must show that the defendant used a timely and reasonable amount of force as defense. In other words, the force used by the defendant was proportional to the perceived threat.

#3 – Defense of Others Argument

Another defense that can be used in first-degree murder cases is the “defense of others” argument. Once again, the criminal defense lawyer must prove that the force used by the defendant was timely and proportional to the perceived threat.

Of course, each individual case varies, and as your Torrance criminal defense lawyer, Robert Ernenwein will determine which defense best suits your particular case.

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