Charged with Hit-and-Run in Los Angeles County?

Los Angeles Hit-and-Run Accidents & the Law

There is a lot of confusion when a collision occurs. Sometimes it is unclear as to what caused the crash. Sometimes it is unclear if damage occurred. In some situations, it is unclear that an accident even took place to begin with. If you have been arrested for a Los Angeles hit-and-run accident, you likely have many questions and are wondering what steps you should take to stay out of jail.

Answers to Your Hit-and-Run Questions

We have compiled a list of helpful information to help you or a family member after being arrested for a hit-and-run.

  • What exactly is a hit-and-run? The name of this offense might seem pretty straightforward, but there is a little more to it. A hit-and-run charge can stem from an accident that caused property damage, injuries, or death. If you did not stop at the crash scene or left before providing the required driver documentation, you could be accused of this crime.
  • How serious is a hit-and-run charge? If there was only property damage, it is considered a misdemeanor offense and you could be looking at a fine, a short time behind bars, and possibly other penalties. If someone was hurt or killed, you will likely be charged with a felony. A felony hit-and-run has far greater consequences than a misdemeanor. For example, you would be looking at higher fines, jail time, and a driver’s license suspension.
  • Am I automatically guilty? The prosecution might make you feel that you are automatically guilty of this crime, but the truth is that you do have the right to defend yourself. That is where an experienced lawyer can help. An attorney will be able to review the evidence, police report, and other information being used against you. Then, your lawyer will build a strong defense on your behalf.

Get Legal Help Right Away

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