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Domestic violence is physical violence, or even threatened violence, and abuse which occurs in the following relationships:

  • Married couples (also known as spousal abuse)
  • Cohabiting couples
  • Persons who have a child or children in common
  • Persons in a dating relationship or who were in a former dating relationship
  • Persons who were formerly married to each other

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LIBRARY ARTICLE: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Los Angeles Domestic Violence | Los Angeles Defense Attorney Law Offices of Robert Ernenwein A domestic violence charge in California is extremely severe. Over the past decades, there has been intense societal pressure on law enforcement and the judicial system to penalize perpetrators of domestic violence as harshly as possible. This...

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Los Angeles Domestic Violence

Consequences for a Domestic Violence Conviction An argument with your spouse or domestic partner can easily turn into a heated debate. Sometimes things quickly escalate and the police become involved. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, you need to know what to expect. Domestic violence is defined as physical abuse against a spouse,...

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