California Penal Code 530.5 PC Explained

When You Have Been Accused, You Better Understand Penal Code 530.5

There is little question that identity theft is a growing crime within the United States. As more and more people have access to the Internet, personal information is easier to come by. That is also why lawmakers and prosecutors have started to hone in on identify theft, also referred to as identity fraud. They want to make examples of people they believe to be guilty of using someone else’s identity in an unlawful or fraudulent manner. The state of California is no different. California Penal Code 530.5 PC addresses this very issue.

If you have been accused of identity theft in California, or know someone who has, you need to familiarize yourself with Penal Code 530.5 PC.

Under California law, identity theft is categorized into four different areas, including:

  1. Using another person’s identifying information, without his or her consent, for unlawful purposes. For example, using someone’s identity to obtain credit could be considered identity theft.
  2. Keeping another person’s identifying information with the purpose of committing fraud. This means the information is kept without that person’s content.
  3. Selling or providing a person’s identifying information without his or her consent and with the intent to engage in fraud.
  4. Similar to the above, selling or providing personal information without someone’s consent, but with the knowledge that it will be used to commit fraud.

When you are accused of identity theft, you need to be aware of the possible consequences. We have written an article on this subject, “Accused of Identity Theft in Los Angeles: What Are You In For?“, which addresses this topic.

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