Expungement Consultation

What is an expungement?

An expungement allows you to withdraw your plea of guilty or no contest. A judge reviews your expungement petition and decides whether to dismiss your prior convictions.  Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have a combined experience of over 50 years expunging criminal records for our clients. Once we are hired, we will review your case, file the required petition(s), submit your expungement paperwork to the court and, if necessary, address any outstanding issues (that might affect your eligibility for expungement) before the court.

Isn’t my criminal history automatically wiped out after 10 years?

No. A criminal conviction can remain in your personal background for an indefinite amount of time.

What else can your lawyers do in terms of cleaning up my record?

Where it is appropriate, we can motion the court to withdraw your previous guilty plea. Robert Ernenwein, a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, and his team can motion the court to seal and destroy your juvenile records. We can petition the court for a finding that you were factually innocent, particularly where you were arrested and investigated for a crime but never actually charged or convicted. We also file petitions to expunge arrest records. If you were convicted of a sex offense, we can motion the court to terminate your sex offenders’ registration obligation.

I’m on probation right now but I’d like to expunge my record as soon as possible. What can your attorneys do to help?

California Penal Code Section 1203.3 gives the court discretion to terminate your probation early. “The court shall have authority at any time during the term of probation to revoke, modify, or change its order…” Additionally, “the court may at any time when the ends of justice will be [served].” To get your probation terminated early, we must show the court that you have “reformed” and that you have been on good conduct.

First, we will verify that you have not picked up any new cases since the time of your sentence.

Second, we will verify that you have fulfilled the conditions of your probation, including any court obligations such as the completion of any court-ordered class or program and/or payment of restitution.

Third, we will ask you to provide us with character reference letters as well as documents verifying that you are working or in school.  This will allow us to document your progress and submit it with our motion to the court.

Fourth, our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers will file a motion to have your probation terminated early and schedule a hearing to argue the motion before the judge.  We can simultaneously motion the court to expunge your conviction and dismiss your case. If you were convicted of a felony, we can ask the court to reduce it to a misdemeanor so that you qualify for expungement.  We simultaneously motion the court to expunge your conviction.

The stain of a criminal record can be a terrible anchor in your life, particularly if you are seeking gainful employment or trying to hang on to your job. The stigma of a felony or even misdemeanor conviction can prevent you from securing or keeping a job and cause severe harm to your reputation. The ease with which an employer can conduct a background check of your criminal history is such that no one is safe from such scrutiny any more.  With search engine precision and companies offering online background checks at the click of a button, people with convictions are more vulnerable than ever to “prying eyes.” But there is hope.

Robert Ernenwein, a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, has more than 30 years of experience expunging the criminal records of his clients. Mr. Ernenwein is a former Los Angeles prosecutor and is a board certified criminal law specialist. He has been consulted by media outlets to render his opinion on high-profile criminal cases. These credentials are unmatched by the vast majority of other criminal defense law firms.

Our extensive experience and knowledge give us the tools we need to successfully expunge your criminal record.

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