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How to Argue for Reduced Bail in California Criminal Cases

When you get arrested for a crime in California, such as murder, assault & battery, embezzlement, or DUI, you will be processed then jailed. In order to be released from jail, you are often required to post “bail.”

Bail is the money that you must post with the court before being released from jail. Posting bail is the court’s way of ensuring that you will show up for your future court dates.

Some people who are arrested, usually for minor crimes, are released on their own recognizance, otherwise referred to as OR. In much more serious cases, the judge will not want you to be released at all, placing no bail for you to meet. At these times, you have to remain in jail.

In all other cases, there is an intermediate amount of bail money placed on your freedom. If you post bail as a cash payment, with a bail bond, or with value from your own property, then you are free to leave the jail until your first hearing.

The judge in your case has independent authority to set your bail, considering numerous factors in doing so, which can include:

  • Severity of the crime
  • Past criminal record
  • Flight risk

If you believe that the bail has been set too high in your case, especially if you have a clean record and the crime you are accused of is not serious in nature, then you can appeal the decision in a bail review hearing.

Robert Ernenwein, an experienced Torrance criminal defense attorney, has handled many of these hearings in the past, getting the bail for our clients reduced or even obtaining release on their own recognizance.

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