What can I Expect at my Free Consultation?

Our Torrance criminal defense lawyer will sit down with you for as much time as is reasonably necessary to listen to your side of the story and the charges you are facing.  We will explain the entire criminal process as simply as possible.  We will let you know our realistic opinion of your case based on our vast criminal defense experience, knowledge and skill.  Unlike many other attorneys, we do not make any guarantees or empty promises of unrealistic outcomes, but we can assure anyone who retains our services that we will employ our best possible effort to obtain the acquittal or pretrial dismissal or reduction of their charges.

There is no obligation to hire us.  The consultation is free and, at the very least, can be very helpful in understanding your case and the process that you or your loved one is facing.  We often encourage our prospective clients to get a second opinion and consult with other attorneys before retaining our legal services.

There are probably lawyers who will charge less than our office.  Keep in mind that “you get what you pay for” and that “cheap lawyers are never good and good lawyers are never cheap,” meaning that excessively cheap legal representation should cause you to take pause and think twice.  We are often approached by people who felt they were poorly represented by unusually inexpensive counsel.  Our fees, though not “cheap,” are very reasonable in light of our incredibly vast combined experience, and we do offer no-interest monthly installment payment plans if necessary.
Contact us now for a free consultation.