Sexual Misconduct - Judge Steps Down After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Judge Steps Down After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Arise

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             A member of the federal appeals court by the name of Alex Kozinski resigned immediately following accusations of sexual misconduct. Alex is also a former chief judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He retired after 15 women came forward and revealed that Kozinski had made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature …

Sex Crimes - New Law Changes Sentencing For Sex Offenders

Sex Crimes: New Law Changes Sentencing For Sex Offenders

Hunter Podell Blog, Sex Crimes

Learn how California’s new law SB 384 affects sex crimes Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into effect “SB 384” which calls for a new system that categorizes sex offenders into different levels based on the severity of their sex crimes. Since 1947, the law requiring convicted sex offenders to register for the rest of their lives has remained unaltered and …

Redondo Beach Attorney Slain in Her Own Home

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On July 22, 2015 an incident occurred that forever altered the life of 53 year old Robert Brian Reagan. Reagan allegedly stabbed his girlfriend at the time, Loredana Nesci, repeatedly and resulted in her death at their Redondo Beach home on the block of 1900 Nelson Avenue. Loredana Nesci was a Redondo Beach attorney who had a SundanceTV reality show …

Los Angeles Assault – Fire Department Members Involved in 2015 Assault Take Plea Deal in Civil Court

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On Halloween of 2015, a graduate student by the name of Samuel Chang, 24, was attacked by multiple members of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Chang went to his grandmother’s house in Chatsworth to pass out candy for the night that coincidentally happened to be the same block where 40 year old Los Angeles Fire Department member Eric Carpenter lived. …

North Hollywood Murder – Man Found Guilty of Killing His Girlfriend in 2013, Denied Appeal

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A North Hollywood resident by the name of Ricardo Jimenez was found guilty of murder in the second degree about four years ago. Jimenez stabbed his girlfriend, Maria Jimenez, repeatedly. She subsequently tumbled out of the car in which they were driving on the 210 freeway in Sylmar on August 29th, 2013. Other moving vehicles struck her body ultimately causing …